Hi! This is an AMN (Ask Me Nothing)


In this riff on AMA’s you must make a statement, and I will either affirm, deny, or demure.

Ready, set, go!


@japhroaig has been off the BBS doing ultra-cool things that will shock and amaze the rest of us nerds.


Shock, yes. Amaze, unlikely.


You are in good health (at the moment) and your relationship is going smoothly.


@japhroaig chose the current look displayed in his avatar in deliberate imitation of Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark.


Yes (you are the third independent person to point that out)




@japhroaig is actually Richard Dawkins.


And here I am with a face that looks like a cross between Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jamie Hyneman.


Ever seen me dancing with Richard Dawkins?


The literary genius and nerd superhero? I should be so lucky.


@japhroaig has both style and grace.



Scratch that. Just took a selfie and realized I look like shrek, but with hair.


Lookin’ good, toots!


You mean the universally loved hero that ultimately gets the princess of his dreams along with a magic talking donkey as a sidekick? Now you’re just making me jelly.


Smirkfully, yes.


Black and white photography!