Hibiki Acoustical iPhone case

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And it’s only $340!

Assuming it doesn’t fall off when it gets humid or cracks in two when it’s dry, http://hoaxes.org/weblog/comments/wooden_knobs_for_your_stereo

I understand the sound particles are warmer.


It’s a sort of funky-looking obviously-expensive iPhone case. Surely that’s enough to sell it, without the obnoxious you’re-too-rich-to-care-about-basic-science woo?

Though, to be fair, it seems like nebulous quasi-spiritual claims are just a ritual part of Japanese marketing copy, like pricing things at $4.99 instead of $5. They might not be expecting anyone to take it seriously.

Sorry, I just read the article and yeah, they actually do mean it. Poor old humanity.

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[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:59550”]“PULSHUT MU”[/quote]I am disappointed that the anagram generator can find nothing much better than “HUM LUST UP”.

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I thought you were going to say Apple marketing.

I’m thinking their ad copy writer is a talkative BSer named Lum, and the office joke is the often heard plea, “Shut up, Lum!” So he worked it into the copy. At least he has a sense of humor about it.

Edit: apparently it is a “real” thing that yields to Googling. Cuz one thing I have noticed is that my iPhone makes a lot of noise that needs selective suppression via a sheet of fabric applied externally.

Can someone post the affiliate code? It’s not showing up for me.

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