Hideo Kojima's Hideo Kojima documentary releases first trailer

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I was fully expecting someone to shout “Blackout!” Didn’t happen, but I guess a teaser on YouTube can’t track if I watch Castlevania on Netflix.

What is it that people love about his games? I tried playing Metal Gear Solid once, and quickly got bored. My main takeaway was that Snake’s prominently-featured ass was really distracting. And I haven’t really heard much good about Death Stranding - the gist I get is that it’s just a walking simulator. What am I missing?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I like Kojima’s games because they manage to marry story and gameplay in a really organic-feeling way. Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably the best example of this, and is still considered his best to date, but in all of them I’ve been blown away by the insane and intricate attention to detail, like ice cubes melting over time in MGS2 or mushrooms growing wherever you pee in Death Stranding. He takes an interesting core idea, like in-depth jungle survival or rain that ages whatever it touches, and builds a story that not only supports it but also manages to deliver a heartfelt and relevant message. Despite the silliness, MGS is still some of the best anti-war media out there and Death Stranding’s treatise on human connection really struck close to home during lockdown, almost clairvoyantly.

But, yes, Snake’s ass is also fantastic.

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That wasn’t even the butt the game expected you to notice. From Let’s Destroy Metal Gear, that Gigi D.G. did forever ago:

Thanks, I should give it another try! I’m always looking for unconventional gaming experiences - not really in the same category, but Katamari Damacy and Flower are two of my favorites, so I’m not necessarily married to shooters.

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