"High amounts" of flesh-eating bacteria and ocean plastics create "perfect pathogen storm" in Florida's seaweed

Huh. From what I had heard, eating them was not recommended unless you want to risk things like ciguatera poisoning, and since so many live deeper than people catch was unlikely to make much difference. But maybe for once it turns out it’s not quite that bad. :thinking:


Well, the Governor himself is a mobile sack of warm, brackish seawater. I guess I am too.


“Geddoff mah fuckin’ reef!”


The Smithsonian article I read didn’t mention toxicity, and since those going spearfishing for them weren’t wearing anything like this:

I assumed it wasn’t deep sea fishery.

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most of the top food chain fish on the reef could have traces of the cigua toxin. it is the larger, older fish like grouper and especially barracuda. it is suggested that if you want to eat a cuda, make sure it is under 30 inches, as those larger almost certainly have the toxin. lionfish don’t usually live as long, but could have traces. problem is, it is unknown what the threshold for human intake is and it may be cumulative over years of ingesting reef fish.

IIRC, you are a biologist, and know more about it than i. you are correct in that lionfish have been found at significant depths and that does put a wrench in eradication programs in the shallower wayers in diving range.
i will continue to take lionfish with prejudice when i find them and eat with gusto (and a cold beer!)

we now return you to your regularly scheduled topic. sorry for the sidetrack.


For the record I’m not, I just like reading on the subject. But it is a flattering mistake. :sweat_smile: :blush:


The Florida Surgeon General said Nah Ah, just like covid it don’t exist.

A reporter asked the governor about it at his campaign rally, he answered “I’m blind, I see nothing.”


Conservatives are fundamentally incapable of understanding any kind of threat they can’t shoot at.

We spent a year arguing over whether germ theory was real.


I feel sorry for any good people there, but I have yet ANOTHER reason now to NOT visit!

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{Chenille is also one of my favoritest fabrics :slight_smile: }

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