No, Fukushima is not killing off massive quantities of sea life near California


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So what is that thing in the picture?

I love me some freedom of speech. But Natural News makes me want a “gimme” clause that would let me shut one “publication” the eff up. A more irresponsible and alarmist organization is hard to imagine.


Sounds more like over fishing has removed what ever regulated the salp and algae populations leading to boom-bust cycles.

That’s a scuba diver. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Salps. The jelly-like organisms involved in some of these bloom/die-off cycles.

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Unless we’re talking something like oil, that’s going to float nicely up on top, isn’t any kind of ocean contamination - short of on some epic scale that boggles the imagination - going to have a global impact comparable to homeopathic dilutions?


I was, frankly, disappointed by Fukushima.

WHERE are the Kaiju ???

(evil grin)

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Why is it, all these years later, the great masses still can’t understand radiation? Why is something so epochal that we named the Atomic Age after it still so awash in flim-flam and hysteria? It’s like if people still believed in cyberspace.


You’re correct - the best kind of correct!


Obviously it just proves that they have been covering up a leak since at least 2006!


Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. This proves that plankton bloom caused the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent meltdown - not vice-versa. The little bastards are taking over.


Yeah, NN is essentially when the Antivax Movement has a hideous orgy with Scientology, Alex Jones, and the Birchers and the baby comes out with half a brain bleating about “SHEEPLE”.


Society isn’t going to stop being full of anti-science idiots anytime soon, no matter how much they rely on it for their daily lives. The more it fades into the background, the more they hate and fear it.

When in doubt blame foreigners.

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The Smart Show – Fukushima officially hits California food & Water supply
12/23/13 Progressive Radio Network

Tokyo Electric announced that everything was under control, that there was a cold shutdown at the Fukushima plant about a year after the Fukushima accident. But in fact, Tokyo Electric has got the cores melted through the containment vessels, and 300 to 600 tons of radioactive groundwater going into the Pacific every day.

Radioactive groundwater is going to accumulate and concentrate in marine life. Every cubic meter of water off the West Coast is going to have something like 10 to 20 atomic disintegrations per second from cesium in it over the next several years. Radioactive groundwater comes across the Pacific, some of radioactive groundwater is concentrated. The fish swim through radioactive groundwater and the fish feed in radioactive groundwater. It’s kind of a random process. It’s kind of a crap-shoot really.

As far as I remember it the bloom/die off thing is entirely natural and expected. The size is regulated by water temperature and the number of nutrients in the water, not by the presence or lack of predators. It can have affects on broader populations though. We had big problems with this in my home town back in the 80’s and 90’s. An increase in sod farming lead to fertilizer heavy run off leaching into shallow estuaries, where you’d get frequent algae blooms. Blooms in shallow enclosed bodies can lead to the water getting heavily oxygenated, and subsequently large die offs in other organisms in the system. So in that case the blooms were killing off the fish and shellfish rather than die offs leading to the blooms.

A shame indeed. This doesn’t mean the Fukushima disaster could not have any consequences whatsoever for California (or other places). This is a matter for research to establish. People might want to read this one for example : Elevated airborne beta levels in Pacific/West Coast US States and trends in hypothyroidism among newborns after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown (Open Journal of Pediatrics).
By the way I am a little troubled by a sort of pattern I observe here on boingboing, namely that when dealing with science and the health or environmental effects of radiations, the stories are (almost ?) always about debunking real or imagined extremely inflated claims. But never about debunking extremely deflated claims and outgright official lies (they do exist) about the effects of radiations originating from the nuclear industry. I understand this might be an editorial choice, but I do find this a bit odd and troubling. And I must say I would love to read something here about serious research on these matters. Cheers.

Also, I am against the use of radioelements for the production of weapons and steam ( I have nothing against reasonable use of radioactive elements in the medical sector). But that doesn’t mean I am “anti-science”. Just like mine being against the use of DDT and other persistent organic pollutants doesn’t mean I am “anti-sience’”.

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What IS killing biology along the coastline is all of the megawatts of pulsed, polarized doppler weather and military microwave radars overlapping along the coastline. This microwave radiation is energizing the atmosphere which in turn is increasing the release of penetrating, weakly ionizing plasma into the waterways and Earth below the radar towers. My research is at @ darkmattersalot