A Massive 'Blob' of Abnormal Conditions in the Pacific Has Increased Ozone Levels


Some conspirators think that this phenomenon is due to Fukushima incident. This blob caused some massive deaths to various marine creatures.


Others tie the start to Cory moving to the west coast of the US. Of course MSM tells us it is caused by POTUS Trump.


Radiation levels within all nuclear reactors are quite lethal. I don’t understand how that is supposed to be “news”.

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yes, this is just conspiracy explaining its role on the creation of this “blob” event.

This blob event is a major concern because it affects massive marine creatures.

pls see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blob_(Pacific_Ocean)

It’s not plastics…

It seems that the deaths are explained in TFA.
I would consider @Israel_B’s alternate theories of death to be just as likely as Fukushima.

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