Source of increasing contamination at Fukushima Nuclear Plant unknown

Voice of America’s Steve Herman in Tokyo: "Fresh revelations about radiation contamination from the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant and a government regulator are prompting new concerns in Japan. What is expected to be a decades-long battle to halt radiation leaks and to clean up contaminated soil and water at the Fukushima-1… READ THE REST

Anyone find the sources for this article? It fails to mention where they are getting info about radiation increases. I’d like to know if this rumor is true not, and I’ve never head of “Voice of America.”

Steve Herman has been doing excellent reporting from Japan since the disaster happened (actually, long before). I know it’s easier to just slam the VOA then, say, actually looking in to the story yourself with a little Googling. But he’s a strong reporter, and there are strong sources for the claims in the piece.

No slam intended; VOA is simply a total unknown to me so it’s hard for me to judge their veracity. Steve Herman is also unknown to me; I’ll look into his prior work.

I did a little Googling and was unable to find either an original source for the claims or failing that a known, reputable media source making the same claim.

Edit: I did find a similar article, but with much greater detail, at the Wall Street Journal:

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I really hate the continuance of this problem for Japan, it obviously sucks for the residents, but it has such huge implications on the overall acceptance of nuclear energy — which really, when harnessed and safeguarded properly, is our best option at the moment.


You must be a young fella! VOA was a staple of Cold War propaganda, broadcasting Uncle Sam’s views over the Iron Curtain. It’s even on wikipedia! How quickly people forget their past…

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We can all rest easier knowing that the Japanese government acted swiftly to prevent contamination of their country by a fraction of an ounce of GMO wheat.

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