Fukushima nuclear plant - steam rising - Should we be concerned?

Seems more people should know about this. I’m surprised Boing Boing isn’t tracking this:

Apparently, the worst case is possible meltdown which could release radiation into the atmosphere and possibly affect North America. I don’t know how likely or unlikely this is, if someone could offer some expertise on this it would be appreciated.


NOTE: I’ve been seeing HTN being linked to in some articles with its hysterical rants and fearmongering. I should note that I don’t consider Hal Turner Radio to be a good source for many reasons and I don’t want this thread to devolve into fearmongering and a basis for anti-nuke rants. I’d just like to find out what’s going on here from more level-headed people.

Should those of us in North America (especially on the West Coast) be concerned or no?

UPDATE: Here’s an article that’s critical of the gizmodo article:


TEPCO wishes to announce that a ‘soothing mist’ is being released for the comfort and wellbeing of those heroic workers currently doing a totally-competent-and-adequate-to-the-scope-of-the-problem cleanup job.


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