How well is Japan managing Fukushima decontamination?




Is there a more dismissive and scornful way to say “not at all well?”

Thanks for the link, Xeni.


For me, this is fascinating. I lived and worked in Koriyama between August 2011 and July 2013, and I remember when the radiation meters were installed. The perception at the time, communicated to me by my employer, was that the meters would allow real-time monitoring. However, the linked piece - - suggests some meters might be sited in specially decontaminated areas. The article is good at unpicking the complexity of the different organisations involved.


For a different take on this story, I suggest reading
Don’t forget to read the comments also.


The Safecast piece is about decontamination of areas affected by airborne radiation. The article from The Register, whilst calm and sensible, is about something else entirely. It offers a perspective on a related topic, rather than a different perspective on the same topic.


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