Hilarious daily dry-erase charts

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That first one looks really familiar. I would swear I saw it on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerial.

It’s strongly reminiscent of Surviving the World 101, but eh, he probably wasn’t the first to do it either.

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I like these. My whiteboard experience usually involves a hard week’s use, followed closely by no use whatsoever.

Pretty sure its my life. :confused:

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Here’s one I did during a meeting some years ago.



In a strange coincidence, this pie chart show the exact ratio of people who profit from a pyramid scheme vs. those who do not profit vs. those who have never heard of pyramids.

Asking for a friend.

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Best pie-chart ever.

Well, there’s the Bishop/Bell method… but your medical plan won’t cover it.

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To be clear, I did not come up with that, I’m just sharing a thing I saw. I sure wish I had, though.

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