Mr. Good Morning Waffle



Acrylic on maple

I see what you did there.

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Does this count as a Cannibalistic Food Mascot?

(Gee, there are a lot of these.)

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That is the stuff of delirium tremens right there.

I see your happy waffle and raise you one ecstatic slice of pie

Because it’s always high time for pie time!

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Shouldn’t it be pointing out 4:20
(or at least 3:14)

3:14 would be brilliant - why didn’t I think of that?! Maybe I’ll tweak it a bit. Though with both hands pointed at basically the same place I’m not sure it would look as good.

I like the idea that 3:14pm should always be time for a slice of pie though. I’ll add that to my daily schedule. I also have a habit of going missing at 4:04pm…


Who’s covered in maple syrup, happy as can be and loves his coffee black?

~Raises hand sheepishly~

How the hell can they tell this stuff over the internet?


Mr. Good Morning Waffle

Would you like some Mr. T cereal?

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