Eric Trump celebrates birthday with a Carvel 'Fudgie the Whale' cake


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The fuck is up with the sombreros?




Thanks, now I can identify one little bit with the guy.

Fudgie Rules


There may be a bizillion reasons to hate the guy, but Eating a childish treat for a birthday in his 30s actually seems pretty reasonable.

If you persist in hating him for it, please consider placing me on the list as well. I didn’t have any Carvelle ice cream cake product (I don’t really like ice cream cakes), but I do distinctly remember Funfetti frosting on at least one cake in my 30s.


Just who has hated him for it, or anything?

Any chance you’re reading into things, or did I maybe miss something in this post?


Is this family trying to prove that arrested development is a hereditary condition? What was the main course? Mexican-style Kraft Mac N Cheese?

I do have a soft spot for Carvel because of their ads. Who better to hawk delicious ice cream to children than a man who sounds like he subsists on several bottles of Jim Beam and two cartons of Pall Malls every day? Then there was the SNL skit:


Eh, I´m turning 38 this year and I want one of those for my birthday. You don´t get them in Germany tho.




I’m more offput by the sombreros. Fudgie the whale makes him seem like a man of the people. The sombrero just reinforces the oblivious racist moron look.


FACT: Fudgie the Whale is approximately the same shape as the contiguous United States would be after castration.


Overheard at the table: “Grab her by the Cookiepuss”


I want a video of the food preparation in that Mexican restaurant.


They must have run out of the “bag of money” ones.

Though in any other context that would be pretty cool.


It would totally rock if Carvel made that an official offering.

Good old Tom Carvel. “Here’s Cookie Puss. He’s cute.”

I missed out on a chance to get me some Carvel while visiting family in NY last month. OTOH it was cold enough out that we could have bought a Fudgie the Whale cake and left him out on the porch overnight without risk of melting.


Y’all know I love cake, so no hate here for the choice.

But the words “Trump” and ‘cake’ in the same sentence really kinda ruins my appetite.


I suppose it’s better than a whole live lion.


Trumps think that’ll up ratings from Latinos.


Castration only addresses the testicles. So…


I’m talking full Varys here.