Hillary Clinton Sparks World War 3, and other tabloid stunners

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Of course it hasn’t happened yet, but Hillary (and Obama’s administration) HAS been banging the war drums pretty loudly vs. both Russia and China. From our actions in the Ukraine, including the proposed “no fly” zone, to lining Russia’s border with ABMs (and threatening to do the same with China, supposedly to prevent any launch by N. Korea), sorry, I just don’t feel in the mood to ridicule the prospect.

We already have quite a few NON-conservative sources noting we are already in a new Cold War with Russia (cites provided upon request, if anyone CBA to Google).

That says nothing about Trumpthulhu, one way or another, but that doesn’t matter; tu quoque demands each candidate stand (or fail) on their own merits or lack thereof.

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Hillary might start WWIII, but Donald will end it.

The scary thing is that some of his supporters think that would be a good thing.


It’s what happens when you think you’ll be eating popcorn from your perch in heaven watching your enemies melt in nuclear annihilation because you’ll be one of the raptured ones.


Some people I follow on Facebook and/or Twitter often fall prey to announcements from the various Infowars/Alex Jones offshoots like Gateway Pundit that are whackbat far-right tabloids whose business seems to be “just make crazy shit up and claim it’s BREAKING NEWS”. It’s kind of fascinating. I learned today that “the FBI has announced that they are 99% certain that five foreign countries have hacked into Hillary’s emails”. (that’s the entire story. no details, of course.)


Many people netside seem to be convinced that a war between two countries is a “world war”, and/or that the use of nukes would be inevitable “because reasons”, but I am not convinced. Some say that the cold war was already World War 3.

Pardon? A military conflict between the US and Russia, conventional or nuclear, WILL be a world war, whether or not any other countries directly participate.

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They are two banana republics, I am not convinced that other countries would be interested. And saying “WILL” even sounds like jumping to conclusions. Whatever conflict people are seeing appears to me to be contrived. They just really don’t seem to have much to fight about.

Just…try and keep your nuclear fallout, global recession and tens of millions of refugees away from everyone else :wink:


Those two “banana republics” collectively own most of the world’s military might, you know, including many, many nukes, chemical weapons, and other lovely megadeath-manufacturing goodness.

As for “don’t have much to fight about”, I think you’d better consult some history books ^^’ .

Simple dismissal isn’t particularly effective for stopping wars; that was clearly shown in WWII, as an easy example.


Hence, “world war”. No part of the globe would do all that well in a full conflict between the US and Russia, except possibly Antarctica. Nor would the global economy be particularly happy.

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Do they even grow bananananas in Russia?


History books were what I was thinking about when I made my original remark. For supposedly being in conflict for decades, it never seemed to actually be about anything, in any practical sense. I am not convinced that there is anything substantial to the vague rhetoric and posturing. My guess is that whatever might be at issue is either amazingly complex, or mind-bogglingly simplistic. My intuition and scant evidence suggest the latter.

In any case, it only tends to be relatively small groups in either country who promote this kind of business.

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And? Why does it have to make so much sense to be “about” anything at all? You ARE familiar with war throughout history, correct?

Very few of the countries involved wanted WWI, as a perfect example.

Nor do the plutocrats/autocrats in charge much need the permission of the rest of us to do what they will.


Yeah, that was kind of my point :slight_smile:


but those two banana republics have a large arsenal of leaping banana bombs

except the few with military installations of the two conflict parties. Russia’s footprint is smaller (Syria comes to mind) but a hot war between the US and Russia will be a worldwide one


I remember the protests against Pine Gap and other US bases here back in the '80’s. The argument against them was quite explicitly “nobody has any reason to nuke Australia…except to hit those bases. Why are we making ourselves into a target?”.


Zomg, such seriousness!

This feature is my favorite on BB. All that fucking ridiculousness gathered and presented so I don’t have to page through the actual tabloids while waiting for the guy in front of me to decide whether or not he wants the canned figs at the grocery store.

All the above conjecture and discussion is almost (not quite) as hilarious! Yow!


Being caught by a nuclear fireball at ground zero is a kind of rapture, I suppose.

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Many years ago I read a book from a retired General about how WW3 would start and end. He got it all wrong. Still I’m sure he has more creditbility than these rags.