Hip Hop Family Tree Trading Card #122, Kriss Kross


If only they had sampled the music of Christopher Cross and L.A. punk band “X” then everything would truly be right in the world.


I think you already did Digital Underground, but Humpty would make for a great card.

Would also love a card for each teamup on the Judgment Night soundtrack - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judgment_Night_(soundtrack)

Onyx and Biohazard!


Cypress Hill, Das EFX, Blackalicious, J5, 3rd Bass

DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Q-Bert, Kid Koala

And maybe cards for George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic and James Brown - The wells from which so many drank, and without whom Hip Hop as we know it, would not exist.

DJ Mack B-Dog

Lyrics Born



Aesop Rock

Saul Williams

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Chunky A

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We were just talking about them this weekend and I was saddened to hear about Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly’s death last year. Totally missed it when it happened. Shame they got shuffled into the “gimmick” bin of music history.

I, for one, would totally like to see a card for Young MC. You should enjoy this with me right now:

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Nice. Please tell me these are going to be physical cards I can buy.

Somewhere in my basement I’ve got a complete set of the 1991 Yo! MTV Raps cards.

I’d like to see cards for:

  • Professor Griff–what a weird story that guy has.
  • KMD–they were HUGE for three to four seconds there.
  • Rodney O and Joe Cooley–they might actually be coming up.

there was also something called Super Stars MusiCards. my buddy had a complete set and he gave me his double of Boogie Down Productions. I keep it on the fridge.

That gimmick has got to make using a urinal remarkably awkward.

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Today I learned that after 23 years I still recognize the card frame and fonts of a 1991 Marvel Universe trading card. Everything else in my mind was knocked clear by that big brick of nostalgia.


Eh… There are more interesting crackpots.

man, I knew that looked familliar! I had a complete set of the first two editions. blown to the four winds now, unfortunately.

how 'bout an Eric Sermon/EPMD card?

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