Hitler hears about the downfall of #GamerGate



You know, someday I really am going to watch this actual film. But when they get to this scene, I wonder if all I’ll be able to think about is Burning Man… or the DMCA… or Twitter… or #GamerGate.


Every time I think the Hitler/Downfall meme is played out, someone brings it back with an exclamation point.


I’ve seen it… I wondered the same thing, but you really don’t. It’s such an intense , well-done movie, so clausterphobic and tense, that you really don’t get distracted by these parodies. By this point, you’re really on the edge of your seat, even though you know what happens at the end.


Good to know. I put it in my Netflix queue, although it will probably languish a bit for the reason so many of my choices do… “Let’s watch a tense, gritty film about [terrible thing] tonight!” is so rarely compatible with my need to mindlessly de-stress in the little time I have between getting home and hitting the sack. :-/

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