"Hitler's only kidding about the antisemitism" New York Times, 1922

Exactly. But I was more timid then and didn’t want to annoy what was clearly a sore point in her family.

I wonder how she voted.


After WWII many Nazis and even non-Nazi Wehrmacht soldiers (who did not know, denied, or conveniently ignored atrocities) characterized their cause as being valiantly anti-Communist. They saw themselves as largely having sacrificed in common cause with the west.

Having noted the developing tensions (that became the Cold War) some thought the western allies had finally ‘come around’. But GI’s and prosecutors repeatedly encountered this attitude in the post war.


I doubt it. Israel has nuclear warheads on at least IRBMs to the number of somewhere between 80 and 200 depending on who you believe. Germany has supplied Israel with submarines and it is believed that they are nuclear missile capable. They also have the range to reach the US and could launch an attack on Washington from at least a 900 mile range. The warheads may only be a 20-30kt yield, but even one sub getting through would make a big mess of Washington.
In the unlikely event of Trump going full on channelling Adolph, imagine 1938 again but this time the Czechs say “OK, Herr Hitler. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, what order do you want us to take them out in?”

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Which is why we’re all packing our bags and getting our passports. We’ve seen this show already.

Despite the fondest wishes of some of Drumpf’s staunchest supporters.

No, she actually converted, under Orthodox supervision and everything years ago, so there’s really no one in the Jewish community that would say that she herself is not Jewish (unless they’re the xenophobes who are biased against converts in general, which do exist in substantial numbers).

But, hey Gobbels and others in the Reich inner circle nearly all had their own Pet Jews that they hid and saved, so the fact that she’s Shomer Shabbos does not prove a thing for or against Drumpf’s own antisemitism.


Now there’s a sophisticated politician.


The dark side of “fake it 'til you make it”.


I got my protection…



The very epitome of far right extremist America: loves Israel, hates Jews.


This is nonspecific right wing behaviour; people who are in any way unlike us are perfectly welcome to exist so long as they stay far away in their own countries. We just don’t want them moving in next door, showing up our inferior standards of education, loutish behaviour and inability to raise our kids properly.


No, it will be Muslims, then Liberals and gender queer folks. Maybe all together; that’s how the Germans did it.


Excepting the part where you have the Rapturists having a specific Apocalyptic prophecy that is contingent on sending all of the Jews to Israel. Where exactly 144,000 of us will hear the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and spontaneously convert in the same moment, setting off the Rapture and the Second Coming, and the remainder will be sent directly to burn in Hell.


I think you mean transgender. Genderqueer is exclusively non-binary and I don’t think that trans people will be left alone because they identify as male or female.


(I was alluding, clumsily, to “First they came…” Niemöller’s version doesn’t mention Muslims or undocumented immigrants, of course, but uh, yeah.)


Um… she actually is Jewish? She converted when she married her husband. That doesn’t make Trump’s antisemitism any less odious, but she is indeed Jewish.


@bibliophile20 that was kind of a big part of my point in specifically referring to Americans. Scary right wing people in Europe are a bit different (though some of them fit the aphorism too)

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I was wondering if Drumpf will tap Clyde Lott to head the USDA so that they can concentrate their research into developing red heifers?


Yep; I wasn’t critiquing your response; I was contextualizing mine by corroborating yours :slight_smile:


Newsflash folks:

It doesn’t matter which group is first on the list for extermination/subjugation/exploitation; no matter who they come for first, anyone who considers themselves a decent human being that cares about more than just themselves must stand up and oppose it.

For many years, I utterly loathed Glenn Beck for diluting the potency of the infamous Martin Niemöller quote on the Nazi’s, now I take the liberty of amending it:

###When they come for the Socialists, I WILL speak out - regardless that I am not a Socialist.

###When they come for the Trade Unionists, I WILL speak out - regardless that I am not a Trade Unionist.

###When they come for the Jews, I WILL speak out - regardless that I am not a Jew.

###And when they come for me - hopefully there will still be enough of us standing in opposition left to speak out for me.

No matter who’s “first,” defend them, in any viable way you can.

(I made this into a meme.)


is that real?


I assume so, it came from here:

and a different image of the cartoon’s presented here:

don’t have access to a library with archives of the NOLA Times-Picayune to verify with certainty though.