'Hitler just wanted to make Germany great,' Candace Owens of Trump-aligned TPUSA says in London


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Well alrighty then.




She does know the Nazis eventually murdered most of the kapos too and the rest got prosecutor along with the concentration camps’ Nazi staff, right?


At first I thought this was going to be about someone Godwinning themselves up on stage, but it appears to be even worse than that. I would think it’s a joke but Turning Point USA isn’t that self aware. Such an embarrassment.


So she’s saying the problem is globalization? Wow these people are nuts.

It does fit Trump’s philosophy: a dictator for every country, but stay in your own realm (unless doing business)


Hey, what’s a little genocide as long as the trains run on time, right?


A single face palm is not enough for this one…


[Long sigh]

Jesus fucking christ


Sarcasm noted.

But also worth mentioning that that too was propaganda. Fascist trains didn’t run on time because fascists are terrible project managers, but that didn’t stop Mussolini from having the occasional lowly train conductor murdered for his government’s bad management, leading to the misconception that that got the trains to run on time.

The Nazi trains that carried the victims of the Nazi genocide were also famously damaging to the Axis war effort, since they diverted trains from transporting needed troops and material.


This has to stop.


Oh, the Reichsbahn was actually pretty good on keeping the trains to the camps on schedule, Eichmann was quite insistant on this.


I’ve often heard the phrase “Never Forget” is a message about not globalizing atrocities and to remember, instead, to keep them local.


Make Pogroms Great Again.


Yeah, I realized after I replied that you might be referencing the German prisoner trains. Sorry for the stealth edit above to make that distinction. IIRC though, the trains running on time meme came from the Italian fascists.

Also, I know you know all this. Just mentioning it for general information.


That’s why we’re buddying up with Duterte and Kim Jong-Un, those guys really love their respective countries, but keep it local. True patriots.


It was part of the hilariously catastrophic launch of Turning Point UK.

Turning Point UK are not to be mistaken for Turning Point, a UK charity who have been around for 50 years longer than these far-right arseholes. Turning Point are understandably not happy about having their name taken by extremists.


Ah Nationalism! Solving the worlds problems, one war at a time!




TPUSA - has an organization EVER been more aptly named?



“Head of communication”

What a hateful fool.