Fox news host ridiculed for spouting fake facts about Denmark

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I think Fox News exists simply to make me tired.

So what’s so bad with cupcake cafes anyway?




Today, same network, different presenter:


OMG, people make a living doing something they want to do instead of slaving away for corporate overlords! How communist!


If you are trying to prove that socialism doesn’t work, you should probably not even mention Denmark.


Fox didn’t simply turn up the stupid:


I was merely pointing out… that socialism is not the way.

And doing a shit job of it at that.

Fox News presenter Ainsley Earhardt on Thursday mistakenly stated that the U.S. defeated “communist Japan”

They really need to improve their interview process.


Nice try, Fox. The only negative about Denmark I can think of is how difficult it is to immigrate there.


Denmark isn’t even socialist by any definition outside of the US. It’s got a highly regulated capitalist economy with regulations and taxation in place to do what’s best for the country rather than for the richest of the rich. (Poli-sci folks would say it is social-democracy rather than democratic-socialism).

Only in the US have we dumbed down socialism to the point where anything other than pure unrestrained free-market baloney is “socialism”. Yeesh.


They’re not coal mines, I guess?

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I’m astounded we’re even using the word “socialism” again. The intentionally disingenuous conflation of socialism with soviet communism meant that the words were essentially interchangeable for the later half of the 20th century which essentially meant forbidden. Honestly, I don’t remember anyone even using the word in a positive context at a high level of public discourse before Bernie.


Fox News presenter Ainsley Earhardt on Thursday mistakenly stated that the U.S. defeated “communist Japan”

The mistake is forgivable, or at least understandable.

Communism* is characterized by a central command economy, where the government runs industries.

During the Second World War, Japan’s economy was run on a central command basis – the government running industries and imposed rationing – just like the United States was run during that war.

That said, a news presenter has to be seriously ignorant (or polemically infected) to use the phrase “communist Japan”.

Update: *Stalin-style communism, not anarcho-communism.


They make people happy. Fox News viewers hate knowing that other people are enjoying themselves.


Social democracy is the mildest form of socialism, basically it’s a reformist mixed economy with a slight leaning towards the workers. It is often confused with social liberalism which is similar but leans towards capitalist management instead. Most A lot of the social democratic parties switched to social liberalism in the 1980s and 1990s, but are moving back to the left now.

Social democratic parties are often members of the Socialist International, which is a strong indicator as to how they identify and are seen by other non-Marxist socialists.


It doesn’t matter if what she said is true or false. She doesn’t care, and that wasn’t the point of her saying it.

What matters is that the Fox News base (who get all of their news from Fox and related places) now know that Denmark is a socialist hellhole. Because Fox told them that, and they drank so much of the kool-aid that they are incapable of not believing anything that Fox tells them.

And now anytime someone says something like “Socialism seems to be working in Scandanivia”, they will immediately reject that claim without bothering to think about it.


Yeah, and now they have a handful of talking points (“people just stay in school forever and don’t go in the workforce”, “Denmark is just as corrupt and fucked up as Venezuela”) even if those talking points have no basis in reality, that they can whip out whenever they want to justify their beliefs about why Trump is good.


I really don’t want them to get better at being horrible. I propose instead an open door approach to hiring commentators and news anchors. Can you walk upright, hold a microphone and speak? You’re hired! Get this person a blazer! Talk about whatever you want; none of it matters any more. We’re just running out the clock at this point.


I would watch that news show.

The news ala springer.

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