The Minnesotan left-wing economic miracle continues, while neighboring Republican states slowly collapse


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“GOP governors and state houses have slashed taxes on business and the wealthy … They are running deficits”

There is a Nobel prize in this for anyone who can prove a connection between cutting taxes and running a deficit.


Campaigns amid the ashes of unrest.
Campaigns amid the ashes of unrest!
Surely these facts will attest
that left-wing governance is best.


But how am I supposed to enjoy prosperity under the grim probability that other people, including ones I don’t approve of, might also be enjoying prosperity?


Let’s take the business cycle into account. Almost anyone taking office in the 2009-2011 timeframe can claim great powers because of the reflation effect. The same could be said about Obama “creating jobs” while overall employment rates fell. It’s not that he had any mastery of economics, it’s just that reflation had a greater impact than his policy errors.


Exactly! Any economic success under Republican leadership is the result of careful planning, even if that success happened under their predecessor. Any bad news under Republican leadership is actually good news, and it never happened, and it’s Obama’s fault.

However, transferring wealth from the rich to the poor has always resulted in economic stimulus, for rather obvious reasons. No state or nation has ever cut their way to prosperity.


So you are saying that the neighbouring Republican states made so many errors that reflation was negated? I can believe that.


I’m just suggesting that socialism works well in the Scandinavian countries. They are continually cited as models by Bernie Sanders and others. It might be that there is something in their culture that makes it work there when it has failed so dismally in places like Venezuela.


Minnesota is not a Scandinavian country. I am descended from Norwegian bachelor farmers, and I am not Scandinavian. I am American.


Things have come to a pretty pass when posting a few lines of stats from Wikipedia become banhammer bait.


A fair point.


All the Kockites lose sleep over these types of reports.



And: “socialism”?! I’d laugh if the message that you’re dogwhistling weren’t so insidious.



You know, that good Scandinavian stock. So much better than mud people stock.


While I agree with the sentiment, I’m not for the censoring of the post. Only being able to see the responses and not the source doesn’t add to the conversation.

@lolipop_jones BTW - you appear to have the parts stating the increasing numbers of minority groups and that the state has the country’s largest Somali population.


Nonono… Is culture, see?


I don’t get it.


Yes indeed , and look, up ahead, a fork in the road. Perhaps you’d like to take it?


You’re very charitable to call obvious race-baiting conversational.

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