Hive Pocket – a strategy tile-laying game with bugs that you can play anywhere


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HIVE is a great game for two players, and it’s so fast you can enjoy it with up to six players taking turns. I tell people it’s like speed chess; the thick bakelite pieces have that great tactile interaction that a good chess set gives you and that cardboard chit wargames lack. Highly recommended!


I love the look and feel of this game, but I wish there was a solitaire variant. It just seems like the sort of game it would be fun to mess with on your own.


I uploaded a knockoff version to Thingiverse. The best part is that you can print them off in multiple colors for as many sets as you like. One guy I knew regularly ran four player matches. The game suffers from the same problem as four player scrabble, though, so you can’t take it too seriously. YMMV.


This game is great, I have the “carbon” version (which is a pretty monochrome version) and it’s a great game to quickly play in between bigger games.

Tip: get a bug on top of your opponent’s queen so she can’t flee (and you have a bug ready to fill the last open spot around her). Most of my wins come from the opponent not being able to move the queen.


Hive Pocket?
Worst filling ever!

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