Iota - fun card game that comes in a small tin box

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Does it make grandma so giddy she has to rush to the bathroom after tinkling a little? That’s my test for games. Uno’s the only one to pass.


2"x2 cards are a terrible size, IMHSHO

It’s basically Qwirkle with an extra dimension tacked on.

I own both, but Qwirkle hits the table far more often; the easier rule set means more (i.e. younger, or less enthusiastic) people can jump in, and the chunky wooden tiles have a perfect heft.


Ben, I also came here to compare Iota to Qwirkle.

From that review I don’t see that Iota added anything to Qwirkle’s gameplay, it just adds Set’s matching rules.

With both Set, and Qwirkle, I’ve had players, take extra long turns while trying to find the perfect move. I would expect that Iota will also suffer from that. I would also suspect that Iota will kill any casual conversations, my experience with Set is having to make set’s in 3 dimensions is a great way of stopping any conversions.

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