Kickstarting "You Think You Know Me": a "conversational card game"


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"You Think You Know Me":

I love that game when I’m shit-faced.


This actually looks interesting. And I like that, as a first time Kickstarter, she’s teamed with experienced card game makers.


If they want to give it a catchy brand name they should call it “Mao”.

Thanks, but I’ll stick with “Settlers of Catan” or “Secret Hitler”.


This would be a great way to get to know my friends. All I need is this game. And some friends.


“Relationship Ender: the Card Game”


Wow, that video’s level of hipster is over 9000. Srsly.


I am having so much fun with Secret Hitler. My 13-year old is a big introvert – but if I bring that game over to my folks place and play with uncles and cousins and aunts, we always have a hell of a time. My son, nephew, and wife teamed up on me – I saw what was going on – and worked together to get me shot. It was glorious.


To be fair, at that time they most certainly do:
“Papa-San, i know you’re shit-faced.”


It reminds me of the game choose one Which is a very fun game to play with a group. The choices are more restricted, choose between two provided options, but every player gets to predict what the chosen player will answer. It is fun to see how both answers will be chosen as a possible answer from one person.


Remember The Ungame??


It’s like a Cards Against Humanity variation that’s not actually against humanity.

I am not so sure about that. There is a philosophical position that “the real you” is the essence that is left once ephemeral likes, dislikes, beliefs, and experiences are cleared away.


Wow, I do remember it. There’s a relic of 1970s self-help BS for you.

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