Stop playing Cards Against Humanity and start playing DICK instead

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Naked Nantucketers goes to the head of the list as my next band.


We sorted out the the X and R rated cards from Cards against humanity so we could play with our kids. believe it or not, it’s both funny and an opportunity to discuss topics that you normally wouldn’t. “Hey Timmy, do you understand why Hitler is known as evil?” doesn’t come up spontaneously in everyday life. But when your son plays something about Anderson Cooper praying the gay away without knowing who he is or what this means is both funny for the coincidence and a chance to talk about the absurdity of the statement.

So my question is: are these cards the same size as CAH so they can be mixed?


I’ve always hated CAH. The few times I’ve been browbeaten or socially forced into ‘playing’ it I’ve spent the whole time being deeply uncomfortable with how comfortable my friends are saying horrible things. Couldn’t care less about the sex stuff, but the race/poverty/homophobic stuff - all right up to the edge of ‘it’s just a joke relax’.


I have to mildly disagree, to the extent that the tone and humor of a game of CAH depends almost entirely on the players. Cheap laughs at saying vulgar things tend not to win in the groups I play with, almost ever. Especially with a lot of the expansions, and third party decks you can mix in (like Crabs Adjust Humidity), there are a lot of actually very smart cards that are funny in more intellectual and meta ways.

That said, I’ve actually never read Moby Dick, but this game looks pretty good.

Also recommended: Joking Hazard (based on the comic Cyanide and Happiness) and (to a lesser extent) Charty Party, same mechanism/rules but different feel.


A game made of Moby Dick/Melville quotes is pretty great. As far as CAH goes, “I would prefer not to.”

If you actually enjoy CAH but don’t want to support the creators (I think that’s reasonable), I have two suggestions for alternatives. First is Crabs Adjust Humidity, which is exactly the same thing with a sillier name, and in my experience just as funny:

Second is What Do You Meme, which is basically the same concept but with pictures (you get a meme photo and have to choose the funniest caption):

my favorite is Bards Dispense Profanity, very much along the same lines as Dick.


My 76yo mum loves to play CAH, my dear brother - not so much. When we all three get together, we all want to play games and drink. DICK! may just be the one for three overly educated, massively literate, chuckleheads to get together over our portion of grog.
What could possibly go wrong?

edit: massively literate? strike that. none of us are particularly massive.
how about ‘aggressively literate’?
I mean, we always seem to be throwing around thoughts on the latest - or greatest - lit we are current with, almost like poker chips on the table of play.
Yes! I am certain this will be on the bartop for our next happy hour!

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oh, dear! can these Shakespeare cards mix with Melville cards for a truly decadent romp through literature as a stream-of-consciousness game of constructive wordplay?


I guess we’re not the only family with multi-generational cringe moments while playing board games.
My daughter and son-in-law, the grandson, and myself and the husband all decided that CAH didn’t work for us, because no one at the table really wanted to know anything about any family member’s sex life.

I wonder if DICK would be less ewwwww for us.

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