Prepare to dig Cards Against Humanity's new cards out of a jar of clam mayonnaise

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Hard pass; I’ve not bought anything from them since the toxic management incident


Nope. Shitty company gets no more of my money, and their edgy little games lost their fun after they showed how awful they were.


This is a weird question, but at what point is a company considered cleansed? Issues were pointed out and shared with the media, and Temkin is no longer part of the company. What needs to be done to make the company acceptable again?

I also haven’t purchased anything from them since things were revealed. I just wonder, in general, when companies (or individuals) are considered ok again. Are things marked for life or is redemption possible?

Idk but I haven’t purchased gas from Exxon since the Valdez spill.


Clam Mayo is right up there with “boiled pizza”. Yes, I saw that on a menu once…


I played the game once prior to any controversy. I felt gross after. Its the sort of game that gets you saying shit you would never consider in real life and laughing about it, and you know what? No fucking way I intend to have that normalized in my life.


Even with Temkin gone, if you go buy the current set, it’s still got racist jokes, misogynistic jokes, abuse jokes, and handicap jokes. I mean, “An Actual Hard Working Mexican” is a card in the deck, still. I think when the real world politics turned the way it did, Nazis came back again, and white nationalism is on the rise… a game that supports white nationalism by inference is not really something I want to play.


There are SO MANY OTHER GAMES out there, and many of them have been made by people who aren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive assholes.


Nothing beats Pizza-in-a-Cup


Not even chicken in a tin?

Yeah, I’d never even heard of the founder’s issues until now, but only willingly played it once because it’s just such an awful game. I’m kind of shocked at how many friends bring it up and don’t seem to notice how awful it is.


We played it three times. The first time we all thought it hilarious. (We were in our twenties.) The second we were like, eh, ok, joke’s kinda flat and we don’t actually want to be racist. By the third we never wanted to play it again.

Clam mayo could be actually kind of good, though. Could I get it without the cards?


Try Apples to Oranges; it’s what CAH was based on for the mechanics.

I was about to respond the same. Apples to Apples is just as fun and you can play with grammy and all the kids in the family.

Yeah, it’s Apples to Apples. (I have no idea where the oranges came from; Clearly I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.)

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The funny thing is that I didn’t even catch that.

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Honestly Apples to Apples was even more boring.

The problem with these is that there is so little real input from the player. They have seven cards. Either they have one that matches the prompt well, or they go for the humor of doing something that doesn’t match at all. Best case scenario there’s an oblique and ironic reason why something is funny. But it just depends on the card.

For a similar variation on the concept that I believe is 1000% better: Snake Oil, a very overlooked game.

Similar format, but each round you’re selling something to a character (a vampire, a teenage, Santa Clause, the last person on earth, etc). Instead of one card you pick two cards, and put them together to form a product. Then pitch your product to the person in your most Snake Oil Salesman way. Best pitch wins.

I find this so much better because it requires far more of the player. There’s more creativity in picking two things and putting them together (ordered 7 pick 2 is 42 possible products to consider, instead of just picking one card out of seven). And there’s way more humor that can be drawn out in a great sales pitch.

I’ve had fun with it both with tipsy adults and kids. My five year old needed to be read the cards, but then would launch right into “So you’re a vampire. Of course you know what the most annoying thing about being a vampire is, right? That’s right, not biting your own lower lip. I know, I know, happens all the time. Now what you need is my patented ‘Tongue Shield’. It will keep your mouth clean and hole-free.”