Hobgoblin is a "brutal combat" tabletop fantasy battles game from Gaslands' Mike Hutchinson

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I’ll be interested to hear how this compares to Warhammer Fantasy Battle which is kinda the standard in this space, for better or worse. WFB is certainly thorough, but its rules are heavy and turns are slow, requiring a lot of measuring, protractors for wheel maneuvers, etc. A modest battle takes eight hours, and I suspect this is why it never caught on as much as WH40K. Plus you have to buy and paint a couple hundred minis instead of seven.

Games Workshop killed off classic WHFB some years ago in favour of a new skirmish system called Age of Sigmar (or something.)

A good alternative for mass battle fantasy is Hordes of the Things by Peter Barker et. al.

That said, Hobgoblin sounds interesting.

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Oh really? I guess I’m more out of touch than I thought.

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And several thousand [insert currency of choice] and god knows how many hours of painting later, you’ll all remember why skirmish systems are so much better for anything above 10mm in scale.

Personally I’d say 6mm is the limit but my eyes aren’t what they used to be…

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15mm is alright for mass battle games.

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Are we going to have to add this to the “Things which will start an endless debate on the BBS” thread? /jk

Seriously though, 15mm is probably the sweet spot where it’s good for either.

Big enough for one figure to look good and be “playable” on its own, i.e. you can pick it up without tweezers, and still small enough that painting 20 for one unit isn’t a chore.

There’s also Warcry, which is specifically a skirmish game, plus Warhammer Underworld. AoS is more of a replacement for old WHFB, and can get pretty un-skirmish with bigger forces.

They are all worth checking out, IMO, if you’re not allergic to GW or dismayed by the price of plastic crack. :wink:

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