"Hole Roll": blackout curtains with trompe l'oeil cityscapes cut into them


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So as blackout curtains… not very good?


Yeah, kinda missing the whole point of blackout curtains.


Still, I’m surprised to see “blackout” curtains in Ukraine.
In my 7 months spent in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, I never saw blackout curtains in any of the homes, hostels, or apartments I visited or stayed in. I certainly would have loved to have had them, though.


Cory - You need to put a little effort into this.

Easily found company web site - sixth down on google search



Well, yeah, but at this point they are no longer blackout curtains but blackout-curtain-based art. And as such, pretty nifty, I’d say.


Pretty cool


And it’s literally just the name of the product/company. That was difficult.


Yeeeeah, but… click on that and you get:

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Nice, but… trompe l’oeil? I mean, they’re not fooling anybody.


Hmm…Wonder if they’re fans of Rob Gonsalves: http://tinyurl.com/m2j7229


This is just my cup of tea, thanks tfor the link!


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