Holy Crap, They Did It! [Space X]

(jump to the 34 or 35 minute mark to catch the landing)

A nonchalant Elon Musk met with reporters on Friday evening. “It didn’t put a hole in the ship or fall over, so we’re pretty excited,” the SpaceX founder said at a news conference.


Coolest. Landing. Ever.


Holy fuck that first stage comes in hot.

Talk about a suicide burn!

Seriously, in KSP everything is nerf-level easy and I still end up blowing up when I come in for a suicide burn faster than a few meters per second.


It’s at the point where I’m so bad at manually landing under power that I plan all my missions around parachute landings until I work up enough science points to buy the automated guidance and landing module for MechanicalJeb


You running Kerbal Engineer? That’s the only way.


MechJeb gives me most of the info I need and since I don’t run Farrum, there’s not much point in using Kerbal Engineer’s aero modeling.

I don’t use a lot of MechJeb, only boring burns, like I would any computer. I just find KER’s data for suicide burns and the like to be incredibly useful and precise and less, um, explodey, on airless surfaces. Especially when I’m landing in polar regions in the dark in a lot of craters.

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