Holy smoke: IRS awards cannabis church tax-exempt status


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Beats the hell out of that weak-ass wine and communion wafers.


Except at this church, you eat a lot of communion wafers.


Iron Maiden approves.


Just a ploy in order to build a more extensive list of supports for other agencies to target and track.


This really got my attention. Without joking, could this bring us one step closer to sacramental use of mushrooms?

I might start to believe there was actually hope for our society, if that dream came true…


“Evening mass will be followed by a fellowship of Doritos, Coke, and PS4 on the big-screen TV.”


I don’t believe there’s anything of significance about this. I expect that the approval process is largely a matter of a rubber stamp.

I look forward to seeing what happens if they try to flaunt drug laws in the name of their religion.


Getting past the Tax Exempt division is actually a bitch. I helped start a non-profit once and it took six months and 4-5 tries. My guess is, whoever set this thing up hired a good, experienced CPA to write the application.

I understand it used to be a rubber stamp, until people figured out it was a rubber stamp, and started registering their doghouse as a church.


Peyote is actually legal if it’s being consumed as part of Native American Church ceremonies.

Note that other Native American groups have not had success in legalizing peyote for themselves, though.

I don’t really think there’s a connection between the tax-exempt status of a church and the legality of its sacraments. The government can still say that, e.g. Mormon polygamy is illegal, regardless of the tax status of the Mormon church.


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