Homeland Security sting nets dark net drug dealers

It’s not clear if the darknet (really dark web) sites are more trustworthy than street dealers.

I told you why (and how) these sites are safer, and you used sarcasm to distract from the noise made by you moving the goalposts. Between that and you calling people degenerates (and then doing the mental gymnastics necessary to prove to yourself that there is nothing offensive about it) I think we’re done here.


I conceded they’re safer for functional addicts who likely wouldn’t use a rando street dealer anyhow and wouldn’t steal to pay for the drugs. That’s a wash.

Nice try, but nope. I never use it in the form of a noun. Furthermore, I use the adjective in non-subjective situations, so “degenerate art” (the term used in the 3rd Reich) is one I wouldn’t use because it makes no sense. On the other hand, “degenerate addict” is one I would use if I saw (as I did yesterday) a half-dressed unshaven guy covered in sores and track marks sprawled out in the gutter ranting and raving at passersby, because it’s very apparent the trajectory he’s currently on due to his addiction is accurately described by the adjective.

It’s a charming fantasy to think it’s probable that individual buys his drugs from an altruistic co-op on the dark web or perhaps from his old college roommate who lives in the condo three blocks away, but that’s yours to hold onto.

And now, I agree, we’re done here.


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