Creepy heroin PSA


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Yeah, that’s the county I grew up in. Not surprised.


Wait, Isn’t this a promo trailer for that new robocop film?

I’m gonna say those Verhoven movies are getting more and more realistic.


Be careful kids.

Heroin is a gateway drug to cannabis!


No it isn’t LSD is the gateway to cannabis WHAT YOU NEVER READ GO ASK ALICE???


Does all this apply to Flint tap water, as well?


United PSA


Cut to the scene showing heroin dealers laughing their asses off.


Are you beset by the disease of addiction?

We will come to your home in the night and murder your family!


They so enjoy law enforcement dress up time.


Around these parts, they have billboards asking us upstanding citizens to turn in heroin dealers, but the kind of people who know heroin dealers are not generally the kind of people who call the cops. I predict a low response rate. But remember the syllogism of security theater:

  1. Something must be done.
  2. I have done something.


“Good luck sleeping tonight”.

I think drug dealers likely have something on hand to help with that.


Meanwhile in West Virginia…

When people can’t get pills they do heroin.
This is so sick…


I remember watching the movie in 73 and hearing Dear Mr Fantasy for the first time


Meh… I’m kind of ok with this. I’m a paying ACLU supporter and all, but no sympathies for illegal drug dealers.


it’s funny because that loser Zed was a rent a cop and so he could only afford 1 gimp. If you’re a sheriff you can totally bring out 4 GIMPS AT THE SAME TIME!

That is truly awesome gimping power.


Still, that’s the least disquieting thing I’ve seen from Florida all day.


“Our undercover agents have already bought heroin from many of you.”

…I bet.


I assume the masks are there to imply that at least some of those guys were the undercover agents. If I was a dealer my takeaway might be “be extra cautious dealing with 'roided up white guys, everyone else is safe.”


That scared me all the way over here in California.