Homeland shortlisted for the Prometheus Award


Nice to know your book is enjoyed by a whole lot of sociopaths.

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You should look at the list of previous winners and nominations. There are a surprising amount of left leaning writers there.

I don’t know what that says about the people selecting and voting for the books.

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Libertarians are a very broad group. You can’t lump all of them in as ‘sociopaths’.

Anyone who holds up Ayn Rand in any kind of positive light is a sociopath, and this group (the one that does the Prometheus award) specifically calls her out as an inspiration. If the cold rationalizing disdain for humanity fits…

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That politics makes strange bedfellows. Stick to certain issues and libertarians agree with democratic socialists in general. My favourite interview that I’ve ever heard with Cory is the one he did back in 2008 with Free Talk Live. The host had read Little Brother and says “The author of this book’s a libertarian, there’s no doubt in my mind.” Which if you’re going just by Little Brother, might make sense. I’m going to guess they didn’t enjoy For The Win (dealing with unionizing gold farmers) quite as much.


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I don’t think that all libertarian capitalists are objectivists. If we were to take all the books nominated for a Prometheus Award the only common theme is anti-authoritarianism. Some of the nominations are even in favour of libertarian communism.

I don’t know about the radio show host, but For The Win got a Prometheus Award nomination.

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I don’t think I would ever be proud of getting a libertarian award.

Congrats, Cory!


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