Homeopathic infant teething products contain dangerous levels of deadly nightshade


Good thing they have a similar product, “Kids Relief Relief” that contains pilocarpine, the antidote to the atropine in belladona…


They’re diluting it with belladonna, apparently?


I feel like a spent a year of college just on diluting things and concentrating things.


I walked past a homeopath (I refuse to call them doctors) office the other day…
and it cured me of ever wanting to go in there. :grimacing:


Sounds like you also would not need a reflexologist. Good reflexes!


Did you get the real stuff or the homeopathic stuff? Because the Homeopathic stuff doesn’t contain enough of the antidote.


The only successful homeopathic cure.


Homeopathic treatments consist of primarily taking money from suckers. I might be a sucker but i have no money. Maybe that explains my great health.


More like diluting someone’s bank account? (It gives you more spending power!)

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