Homeopathic infant teething products contain dangerous levels of deadly nightshade


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Well, that’s one way to stop teething pains.


I sense a lawsuit in the air.


Here kid, I’ll give you something to cry about.


Well, at least it had an active ingredient.

Add false advertising to the list.


My wife works in the manufacturing of personal use products. She says they have to fight off the belladonna all the time.
Sometimes they have to bar the doors and board the windows.
You have to shoot them in the brain.



“Homeopathic” with a measurable level of anything besides water :interrobang:

Homeopathy, they’re doin’ it wrong.


To be fair, it does say “kids relief” not “kid’s relief”. One can read that as relief from kids.


The parents should have known when the tubes were labelled as “Now with Frog’s Breath, for a taste kids will love!”


What’s wrong with too much Stevie Nicks? :thinking:


People should just stick with the lively nightshade.


Homeolab USA a Canadian company? Damn Canucks are running a false flag, but I see right through it.


It’s actually pretty common. Diluting things is hard. Not hard like “scientists still aren’t sure how to do it properly”, but hard like “you have to have a brain and use it”. If you reuse containers or stirring instruments for multiple stages of the dilution you can easily get cross contamination at levels much higher than your simple dilution ratio would suggest. Woo practitioners are also likely to reject the techniques that are developed to prevent this such as using “unnatural” non-porous, non-absorptive materials like porcelain and stainless steel and aggressive washing procedures, either to enhance the woo or simply because they are more expensive. Licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to have strict procedures and testing to make sure that the concentration of active ingredients is correct, but fake medicine is not regulated, so these products can be made in someones kitchen. Their quality assurance department consists of the graphic designer who puts “high quality” on the label.


The irony of an homeopathic “remedy” that actually contains more than water and sugar but kills instead of not doing anything.


That shit is so twisted you can’t even make up that.


If you aren’t willing to replace your regular coffee with homeopathic coffee, then you know deep down that homeopathics are a joke.



Why is there anything in there besides water?


In Homeolab’s defense, every time they try to comply with the FDA by lowering the amount of belladonna, it just becomes more potent.



Quality control team is just a bunch of heavily armed security guards


At least nightshade comes from nature and doesn’t contain “chemicals”!