Protip: Don't take turmeric intravenously


See also: naturopaths are not real doctors, do not let them put things in your veins



Part of the problem is that, in the US at least, people use the term doctor and physician interchangably, when there is not much overlap between them.


Please tell me that Mr. Kelly is both being sued for malpractice and being charged with manslaughter.


In a similar vein…
This was on the radio this morning…

It seems that the FDA is finally taking some actions on what they were talking about last fall and started getting reported on earlier this year:


Phew! I’m going to keep taking my turmeric the way I always have: CURRY!


One thing I take issue with is… since when is turmeric the main ingredient in curry??


It’s a strong flavor component that is present in most western adaptations of the concept of “curry”. That’s about it. Most Japanese curries I’ve had as well.


I don’t think it’s the main ingredient, but it is AN ingredient. It’s just that when turmeric enters my body, it’s generally in a curry.

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If I don’t believe in naturopathy, can I take it ironically?


Ouch ,


Yeah. The ever-preening @crenquis has often struck me as too vein. And indecisive too. You know what i mean? He’s like a weather vein.



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