A gentle reminder from the CDC and FDA: drinking hand sanitizer can blind or kill you

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To add to the confusion… Jim Beam makes ours…


If you drink hand sanitizer, you’re begging for some Darwin action in the 1st place.

Because 2020…


Some more gentle reminders: aren’t they required to put Bitrex in this stuff? Or is there such a production rush that producers are skipping steps?
But aside from that…
Hand sanitizers probably don’t do anything against Covid19. Wash your hands with soap and water!


Wherever, I wonder, did people get this ridiculous idea?


Agree but individuals ingesting this aren’t always aware of what they are doing, they just like the taste. So fruity tasting just like the juices their parents give them :frowning:
Also remember POTUS suggested this as a treatment and not everyone understands he has no idea what he is talking about.

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So when will we put people in prison for knowingly making or importing hand sanitizer containing methanol? It’s not safe to put on your skin and deadly to ingest.

I feel like if an individual violates the law, we put them in prison, even for non-violent offenses. If a business knowingly harms consumers we rarely do more than fine them. When the right action is to dismantle the business, charge the leadership, and start banning more minor offenders from serving on corporate boards for 10 years.


Covid is dangerous enough on its own, without deliberate misinformation and deadly “health” advice. It truly sucks that the adults in the room have got to waste their energy putting out no-brainer advice like this, to counteract the patter of the court jester…


I’m not seeing anything about IV injections of hand sanitizers. Very telling…


They also need a reminder that taking water purification tablets internally does not treat or prevent COVID. Apparently it’s a big enough problem that Ebay cancelled all listings for tablets with active ingredient chlorine dioxide.


My guess is no, at least I’ve never heard of it. The idea is that the fact that they poison the hand sanitizer is the deterrent.

I can’t find a requirement to use Bitrex in hand sanitizer, but apparently you can use it. I would think you’d want to be careful, though.

Back in my days in the lab I had a boss who tore open a package of the stuff (as opposed to gently cutting it open with a pair of scissors). Enough of the stuff went into the air that licking your lips was not a pleasant experience.

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They put it in aftershave! I think even perfumes have it in the US! They don’t put it in hand sanitizer?

Actually the FDA issued temporary guidance for hand sanitizer production and indeed, they require bittering agents, which would be Bitrex or something equivalent.

Says the FDA:

Denaturing [bittering agent] is critical because there have been reports of adverse events, including deaths, from ingestion of hand sanitizer. Most reports are for unintentional ingestion in young children

Maybe the best practice is just to go ahead and make all hand sanitizer drinkable…

…suggesting for a friend.

WHO disagrees with you.

(As I understand it, it’s because covid is an enveloped virus).

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It is a quandary isn’t it. Should I listen to the top infectious disease expert in the United States or a politician who has never held office before? Decisions, decisions…

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The majority of imbibers are, somehow unsurprisingly, men. I bet I can guess their political affiliation as well.



I think that Doctor Trump’s handy-dandy universal coronavirus treatment requires you to wash down his magic pills with the sanitizer – it won’t work on its own.