FDA warns Purell to back off hand sanitizer germ-killing claims

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…stop making unsupoported claims…MRSA, VRE and other disases

Has @beschizza succumbed to his own mouth-eye virus?

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Soap is king…

“Consumer antiseptic hand sanitizers provide a convenient alternative when hand washing with plain soap and water is unavailable.”



Part of this nutritious breakfast.

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Though I’d never use it to ward of ebola, it does come in pretty handy when you’ve got a toddler. In fact, I hardly recognized the actual product name–we’ve re-dubbed ours “hanitizer” after the Geeklet’s mispronounciation.


Both verses?

In our house, it was always ‘sand hanitizer’


Washing my hands right now.


For those like me who have trouble keeping them straight:


Left to right: Prell , Purell, Jor-El


So WTF is happening with the soap dude? Acid flashback? Soap allergy kicking in? Seizure?

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So it doesn’t kill up to 99% of the Ebola virus? I am disappoint.

ours is hansatizer

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If you mean the GIF, he’s singing in the shower, squeezes and drops the soap. I feel like it’s a scene from the Disney film “Rocketman” (not the Elton John film), but I could be wrong. I haven’t watched that in forever.

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Sigh. It’s the setup to a “joke” about not bending over to pick up the soap in a shower full of dudes

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It’s from Half-Baked (it’s an R-rated film by Universal Studios, not a Disney film. which is why they can do this dirty sight gag). But the mistake is forgivable as Harland Williams plays the same character everywhere he goes.

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That was why I had my doubt, but we learned when watching Unidentified Flying Oddball a few weeks back that it had a running gag involving a girlie magazine, so I wasn’t certain it was beyond them to lean into a “dropping the soap in the shower” joke, especially considering the humor of that movie. And yeah, he’s good at being him.

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I remember hearing a guy on Science Friday about 10 years ago talking about the questionable claims made by hand sanitizers… He even suggested that some viruses like the common cold might actually propagate well in alcohol, which is found in those products. It was so long ago, I have no idea if that is actually the case - I remember him saying there was just a lack of research into the products. He also said that some of what gets pathogens off hands comes from the abrasion when scrubbing hands together, not soap, which is why doctors are required to scrub for so long. Anyway, there’s a bunch of half-remembered maybe-facts!

If it’s not too late, it’s probably a good time to buy their stock.

It’s been over a year now since I informed our company of the still FDA-banned substance (triclosan) contained in the liquid soap they provide in our restrooms. (There’s a very heavy emphasis on safety here.) I even informed our site’s safety-lead. Thanks from all around for catching that! Good boy!

They’ve done nothing about it and continue to stock the same liquid-soap containing the banned substance.

There’s also this.