Horrifying footage of Corgi


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/27/corgi-thrown-from-sky.html


Oh, the caninity!


That corgi was thinking “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”


I find zero humor in the title.


It is only after it survives being thrown from the sky that a corgi becomes eligible to be selected by Queen Elizabeth to join her corgi pack.


Yay Corgies!


You wanted to see who was going to react without viewing the video.


Rollercoaster of emotions


You monster!



Do you like Corgis? Do you like cute cartoons? Try this:

This lady was at a local con and her cartoon is cute AF. Click on the WEBTOONS for the cartoons.


I guess I have so little faith in humanity I thought this was real and was rage-crying almost immediately. Don’t play tricks like this, please, some of us are broken.


Well played @beschizza


Yeah, this was extremely poor taste. Having encountered the post, I felt going forward had only three outcomes, all bad:

  1. Don’t play the video because I’m too worried that it’s real, and randomly have anxiety about it throughout the day;
  2. Play the video, discover that it’s real, and experience actual trauma;
  3. Play the video, discover that it’s a joke in poor taste, experience mostly relief but still some residual anxiety, and be angry at BB all day.

So, mission accomplished.


Forget it Jake. It’s Beschizzatown.


This is even more outrageous than when the ceiling at Olive Garden trumped my eyes into thinking there was a blue sky overhead. “You insensitive mother fucks!” I blasted, frisbeeing my competition-sized plate of fettuccine at the manager’s head. “People are DYING from drought caused by excessive blue skies!” I sobbed, pooping distraughtly on the dining room floor as my civic duty commanded. “Do you think dead children are funny?” Of course I never received an apology, but as I was marched out of there, I could tell from the looks on their faces that my lesson had struck home.


@GusFrye @lesmanalim

I get it. I almost fell for it, but then I noticed it was @beschizza who has a pretty swell history of things like this:

Horrifying footage of a hippo, nature’s top human-killer, savaging woman in shallow water

If anything, the title about this corgi was a tad too tame by Beschizza’s standards (along with those of the likes of https://www.reddit.com/r/PeopleFuckingDying/ where a title for the video in this post was “DoG tHrOwN fRoM pLaNe InTo ThE aBySs BeLoW”).


Bad Human!


[I just needed excuses to post gifs of Ein from Cowboy Bebop]


Corgi (company) aircraft models!



Hey, hey! You, you! Get off of my cloud!


The OP is still in poor taste and shit but the Chinatown reference… priceless.