Horse enjoys playing with rubber chicken


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There’s a definite gabber remix in there, like.


rob are you ok




See you, and raise you, Mx. Beschizza: chicken chicken chicken.


Raise him? You could’ve at least linked to the presentation video :slight_smile:


If I ever decide to cosplay, this is what I’m dressing as.


Ehr! Mah! Gerd! I had not seen the presentation!!! Yay! :)))



(plus two characters)


Timmy is trapped down the well.



My pup did this the other day. Maybe he could get together with this horse, someday, and have a…squeak off.


We had a neighbor back in Colorado whose horse liked to play catch with an old inner tube; toss it to him and he’d catch it in his mouth, then he’d toss it right back at you. You had to be careful to not turn your back on the horse while he had the tube, because he’d hit you in the back of the head from across the corral every time.


“We’re done when I say we’re done.”


Ugh, just another story about someone else’s Horse Cock…


Welcome to the BBS, look forward to seeing you around. Enjoy.


Now show me a chicken playing with a rubber horse and I’ll be truly impressed.



T’s, LDoBe