Please don't try to ride a hog


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he was definitely left squeelin’ from the feelin’


I missed this episode of Dukes of Hazard.


“Hey, Buford! Hold my beer and watch this!!”


There are animals that can be ridden, and those that can’t. Most can’t. We spent most of the last million years figuring out the difference.

It’s already pretty well established pigs go in the “can’t” column. If in doubt, call up WalMart and ask if they sell pig saddles.


They kind of do: Huge Fried Pork Rinds



Trump said “Looky me, I’m gonna be peresident!”


Hey, at least the guy astride the pig didn’t get stabbed in the leg with a spear.


I like how emotionally hurt he looks afterwards. That sort of makes it.


Looks like that guy was not allowed to hog all the fun


yup, you’re an idiot and unkind to animals. Sorry your “Redneckin’ is cool!!” Instagram post didn’t work out.


he’s lucky he didn’t get pig bit.


Sows in heat will let you ride them. Pretty much only exception to the rule of “and then he was killed and eaten by the pigs for his hubris.”


How about two small primates then?


Not exactly. It’s more “which animals are worth the pain of training/breeding to ride.”

If you jump on a wild stallion without preparation, you’ll get exactly the same result as this guy did. You could probably train a pig to take a saddle, but why bother?

p.s. wyld stallyns rule



Just search youtube "riding a pig"and you will get lots of examples that it can be done.


About 25 years ago I was staying on the beach in Oaxaca, Mexico and one morning saw wild stallions playing in the surf. I grabbed my camera and shot quickly before they had run down the beach out of range. It was a truly beautiful moment. And then I looked down and saw that my camera didn’t have any film. I’m still bitter about that screw up on my part. :-\


Outside of Vegas there’s Mount Charleston. Really nice mountain range, you can ski/sled during the winter/spring and during the rest of the year you can do some really good hiking since there’s pines everywhere.

Anyway. The one time i was out there hiking with friends we found a herd of wild mustangs. A large group of tourists excitedly walked uncomfortably close to the herd to take pictures while they were all being obnoxious and loud. I prayed to Chtulhu and all that was unholy for one of the stallions to kick someone in the face. It did not happen. It still pisses me off when i think about that group of idiots.

I should add i dont think you were being an idiot in your case. Your story happened to remind me of the one wild horse encounter i had.


Ass, grass or gas.