Hot Cockles and other weird medieval party games


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That’s just great. Nothing like hot cockles.


Sounds like the concept of a game somehow got invented before the concept of fun.

And I think there’s a Monty Python sketch to be had here. Guys approach their friend, start telling him about this game they’ve invented and would you like to play. Only each round of it gets more and more absurd. So the friend ends up thorough confused and apopleptic over how this doesnt make sense and isnt fun…


You should google ‘electric kissing party’. Stay away from that ether kids.


Þee Worldſtarr!



I love that. Thank you for writing it.


[quote]Another man trails the peculiar procession, ominously brandishing a stick.[/quote]“No, no no! You’re supposed to brandish it ominously ! You’re just kind of waving it dangerously; it’s not going to work.”


And it spoonerises too!


I’ll give you some hot cockles, you saucy wench!



Paging Terry Gilliam… Terry Gilliam to the beer pong table, please…


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