Hot Wheels Camaro valued at the same price as four real Camaros

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Magee says the Camaro is the third rarest Hot Wheels car and the only one of its kind believed to exist.

So the third rarest has only one in existence so the other two…don’t exist at all?


In memory they exist, there they will stay…


Maybe the other two were strictly one-off builds and there is a small chance that another copy of this Camero exists somewhere? Like when you factor in the odds the first two are exactly 1, whereas this car is like 1.000001 because another copy may appear randomly at some point in the future.

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That could be a bitching camaro, if it was restored and given a proper paint job


Duh. That’s why they’re rare.

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Man, as cool as I think these super rare collectibles are, when someone says $100k for a collectible toy, I have to pause a bit.

TBH, it’s not like I’m ever going to have enough money for things like this to be anything other than a look into someone else’s world, but I’d like to think that if I was in the position to purchase something like that for a collection, I’d have to stop and say “Hmm… maybe I should just donate the $100k to a really cool charity… Greater good and all…”.

Same thing when you hear about a $15k bottle of whisky, or a several thousand dollar sundae etc…

(killjoy mode off…)

But I did keep a hot pink 1971 hot wheels “bugeye” that my sister and I used to fight over.

Ah shit, only worth about $25 in the condition it’s in… Guess I have to go to work tomorrow.

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$25,000 for a real Camaro? Ripoff. $500.


Dude, I TOTALLY have one of those! It’s in a box, somewhere, full of old buttons and keys. It’s in the attic somewhere, goddamnit where is that box? Wait, here’s a box, let’s see, a bunch of old 8-tracks, no not this one. MOM, WHERE’S MY ONE BOX WITH MY OLD STUFF IN IT?!? Crap, I can’t find it…

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People other than 5-10 year olds care about cheaply made toy cars? Just… why?

Well…I don’t have the white 68 hot wheels…but.I do have 68 silver as camaro with the blown engine in it.I kept forever since 72 when a friend gave it to me…r.jones

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