The Homer: now a real(ish) car from Hot Wheels


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This one sits on my desk…


This seems like the kind of car to drive after drinking a few Americas.


Dodge Powerwagon, yes?


Will they be releasing a Canyonero model as well?


Does the horn play “La Cucaracha?”






well worth the price if you’ve ever road tripped with your kids!!!


To be mobile: that is the real vehicle.

I will be mobile soon, moving abroad in America, as I am wont to do…

To be an American is to be mobile…


“Top of the line in utility sports,
Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts.”



As I recall the sticker price was $82,000 in 1991 dollars, so that would be around $140K adjusting for inflation.


That episode always really annoyed me. I mean his brother gets him to design the thing, gives him complete creative control, and then gets the shits when it’s not commercially viable? And the whole follow up episode ending where he sanctimoniously forgives him?



My favourite part of that entire build:


Tripping while driving is very dangerous. But maybe if you let the kids take the wheel…


Random anecdote: I had a mate who was a revhead and also a huge Trekkie (he had a Star Fleet insignia tattoo and a $2,000 set of motorcycle racing leathers made in uniform colours).

While organising a Trek convention, he took Rick Berman for a drive in his HSV Senator (overpriced Oz muscle car). The number plate read NCC-1701D, and on the engine block was a plaque with James Doohan’s signature engraved.

Berman pointed out that this was wrong: the NCC-1701D was from ST:TNG, while Scottie was from ST:TOS. But then Berman got a thoughtful look…

So, in the next series of TNG, there was an episode in which a transporter glitch caused Scottie to appear in the engine bay of the NCC-1701D.


Polar Lights already did this. I have two one I built one in storage. What’s the big deal.


Everything about LeMons is wonderful. I wish they did it over here (and that I could afford it. Even crapcan racing is too rich for my blood).


I see, so HE’s the reason that they’re out of BORT license plates in the gift shop!


With rack-and-peanut steering!