Buy an original "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am!

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When I was a kids, the TRAAAANNNNSSSS-AAAAMMMMM!!! was the bees knees and could jump any ramp better than any car other than maybe the General Lee.


Having assisted in the recovery of one of these after the owner attempted to drive it on a damp grassy hillside, NO THANK YOU. Several hundred other cars did not require assistance.

Should sell it next year as a 40th birthday present mid-life crisis thing.

Personally, I think I’m more likely to buy a watch the same age as me than a car, though.

Awww… I used to have a plastic model of that car which I lovingly built when I was 9. I remember the big golden firebird decal gave me a lot of trouble for some reason.

My favorite model next to my Millennium Falcon (which regrettably I smashed in a fit of rage… sigh…)


Only if it came with a hot-pants-wearing Sally Field.

The General Lee was actually really bad at jumping ramps. They burned through a lot of them.

Literally, hundreds.

Childhood ends when you realize all your favorite car shows would kill you if you tried it in real life.


Ah, but according to pop culture, adulthood is just a passing phase, followed by more dangerous cars.

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This is now, officially, the Archer Trans-Am.

Shit howdy, I’ve lusted after this car longer than I’ve wanted my own X-Wing.

I have an issue of Car Craft (I think, though it may have been Hot Rod) from a year or so ago wherein John Schneider test drives a '77 Trans Am and a '69 Charger to see which one he likes best. I seem to recall they had a fan vote as well.

Anyway, I know the Dodge had buckets more power, but I’d have to go with BAN ONE every time. God, I love that car.

Bummer about the license plates, though.

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