The David Starsky Gran Torino vs them Dukes' 'General Lee'


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Shenanigans! At no point did the cars hit a dirt ramp and go flying over a shallow creek.


I would have liked to see Magnum PI’s Ferrari in there too and maybe Night Rider.

Today, a Toyota Camry would be beat all of these cars using far less fuel. We’ve come a long way.


Ahhh, I do love Fifth Gear. Not really more straightlaced than Top Gear, but certainly less bonkers and cheeky.

Better drivers on the whole.


Might as well add the Adam West Batmobile and the A-Team van while you’re at it.



Almost as boring as the original shows.


The police hound laff-riot was typical of TV for the times.


We called them “boats”. The ones with big motors and fat rear tires were good for going fast in a straight line.


Pssshhh… I could have told you the Charger would win a race against a Gran Torino and I didn’t have to make a video about it.


That race would have killed ten ordinary men.


My favorite thing about the General Lee was its magical ability to repair itself immediately following a rough landing that clearly crumpled the front fender and trashed the suspension.


Just remember. The closing credits theme was better than the opening music.

Of … course they did. Now don’t go ‘stealing’ my ‘fair use’. :roll_eyes:


The '69 Dodge Charger RT…I used to get picked up from school in that.

It was pretty much the joy ride from Blue Velvet every time.


That’s not a huge surprise, considering that out of the seven Fifth Gear hosts that lasted more than a season, three have been professional racing drivers, and another racing as a hobby in Amateur classes. Vicki(from the video above) is from a racing family, and when she got into Automotive journalism, it was a sideline to her main job as a racing instructor at Silverstone.

Jason Plato was a British Touring Car Championship and V8 Supercar driver.

Johnny Smith collects classics and customs, and sometimes takes them out for Classics rallies or a bit of Autocrossing.

And of course Tiff, famously, was an incredibly talented driver, making it from his first have-a-go drive(sort of like those “Experiences” you can buy nowdays) at Brand’s Hatch to being a fully fledged F1 championship driver in under a decade, which was almost unheard of even at the time.

(Of the single season hosts, it’s a similar story - of the three, not including the appropriately named producer Jon Bently’s very short stint, you’ve got two Automotive journalists, and Ben Collins, who did a season-long stint on Fifth Gear after he was revealed as The Stig and subsequently fired.)

Also, fun facts, Tiff and Vicki also used to host Top Gear.


Here’s my understanding of 2018 youtube:

You can’t tell us the Charger would win, and you can’t make a video showing us the Charger would win, you have to make a video showing you telling us the Charger would win.


Tiff is amazing.

I have never seen a feat such as taping the knife to the hood of a BMW M5, and then taking slices off a cucumber while doing a 4 wheel drift around a bend.

Even Clarkson speaks of him reverently.


I have never seen a feat such as taping the knife to the hood of a BMW M5, and then taking slices off a cucumber while doing a 4 wheel drift around a bend.

And even while doing that sort of thing, he’s still a consummate professional presenter - do you remember the time he was bombing around a pretty technical track at 120-150 mile an hour, with Jason Plato in the passenger seat, (mostly) calmly holding a conversation about the merits of the car and filling the dead air left by Jason being speechless? And it takes a hell of a driver to scare someone who can handle a V8 supercar. Or smoothly lecturing about how to do a perfect drift(well, back then everyone called them powerslides) while keeping a continuous four-wheel drift in a BMW Z3.

Tiff is genuinely a straight-up genius behind the wheel.

I don’t know if he still does the thing(well, I think he does, but I can’t be bothered to look it up right now), and sadly it’s an experience I missed while living in the UK, but for quite a while, you could pay about 200 pound, and you’d get to do a couple of hot laps with Tiff around Thruxton circuit - he’d bomb around it at top fucking speed, and just chatter away the whole time. Luckily, some folk have put their experience DVD videos up on youtube - though do pardon the peaky audio, not much I can do about it sadly.

(I didn’t intentionally grab only videos with women, I swear, it’s just the ones that came up on recommended next after I hit the first one)


Oh wow thanks… watching the credits…TIL the great Lalo Schifrin did the theme at least for the first season.


My bone stock 2017 Kia Forte, with its 2.0L wind-up motor, would wipe the track with either of those cars.


Maybe It was built by the same guys who built Christine.