House for sale, complete with rideable scale railroad and trainyard


This is truly a Wonderful Thing. I LOVE tiny trains. I am a buy-3-tickets-for-the-tiny-train-at-the-fair girl, even if it’s just a rattly old tractor pulling clapboard “carriages”. Let alone this gorgeous set-up! If I lived on a property with it’s own tiny train network, I would probably never leave. Tiny train to the mailbox, tiny train from kitchen to compost heap, sorry can’t come to work today too busy driving the tiny train!


The listing doesn’t mention the downside: A plague of tiny hobos, constantly trying to jump onto the box cars, stealing pies off of window sills, and setting fires in little barrels in the switch yard.


Paging Neil Young…

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There would be constant maintenance to keep this layout in tip top shape. But that would be half the fun.

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Oooh! Could the owner get a slice of some of those billion-dollar federal subsidies Amtrak gets every year? What if I let the neighborhood kids ride?


New number one slot on things to do if I ever win the lottery.


Walt Disney had something similar - he built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad , an elaborate scale-model railroad, in the back yard of his Carolwood Ave. home in Holmby Hills.

The train barn, known as the Carolwood Barn, lives on today at the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum, a live-steam scale-model railroad complex in Griffith Park, adjacent to the Travel Town Museum’s full-size locomotive and train-car collection.

I hope the house goes to somebody who can maintain the trains. There are a couple of volunteer run layouts like this in Melbourne and they are well looked after because they belong to clubs with a rotating population of enthusiasts.

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I’m holding out for a house with a hyperloop.

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I want a house with a Tilt-A-Whirl as a staircase…

There’s a house with one of these up near me in Sanford, ME. I used to drive past every so often.,-70.821144

Wow, awesome.

Imagine a world where we all could build cool shit like this if we wanted to.

I bet it’d have a hell of a lot less of us in it…

[quote=“Michael_R_Smith, post:9, topic:20500”]
There are a couple of volunteer run layouts like this in Melbourne[/quote]
Melbourne, Florida or Melbourne, Victoria?

Melbourne, Victoria:


Both are basically where old engineers go to (hopefully) live forever. They can tinker with their engines to their hearts content and operate them for the public a couple of times per week.

Groovy. The GF was pooh-poohing the miniature train in the vid (having second thoughts about this relationship); maybe I’ll take her to Diamond Valley today to see if she changes her tune.

I seem to remember a third miniature railway in Melbourne, here:

Hmm, I see I left this comment unposted. DVR was nice; the steam engines weren’t out today because it was too hot, but the staff were kind enough to give me a bit of a tour of the workshop.

I suspect the GF enjoyed herself.

Apparently the miniature railway I remember as a kid in North Willy is now defunct.

IIRC there is still a railway museum in Williamstown. I didn’t know about the ride on railway. My son and my nephew loved the diamond valley railway. We have been there several times.

Yeah, the railway museum is definitely still there; you can see the trains on Gmaps.

Also Williamstown’s near my bit of Melbourne.

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