House Republicans holds hearing on politics in science, don't invite any scientists


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Republicans hold meetings on how to keep a system they don’y understand from affecting another that they don’t understand but have learned to game.


Oh they understand what’s going on, they just want to silence anyone who disagrees with them.


Republicans once held a hearing about abortion rights and invited no women. What do you expect?


They’re excellent at playing politics, getting things done, and making their base and lobbyists happy. The results are horrifying, but it’s something they are indeed good at.


Scientists are the ones to be regulated here. If they invited them, they´d just try to impact the outcome in their favor, wouldn´t they? Duh?


That is a very poor rebuttal.

I don´t like using a sarcasm tag, I don´t want to insult anyone´s intelligence.


I recall a family member of mine (who is absolutely conservative) discounting the likelihood of humans altering the planet in a negative way. Overfishing wasn’t real because the ocean “is huge and full of fish!”, and climate change wasn’t real because reasons not worth mentioning here.

I try to take heart in thinking that some sects of Christianity with which I’m familiar are taking notice of environmental issues because the bible tells them to be stewards of the earth. Hell, if anything, one would think the GOP would’ve been all over environmentalism simply because of the new jobs it creates, the disruption (holy fuck I hate using that word) it foments in the business world.

But that would probably require reading studies by scientists or some shit.


House Republicans - being upstanding citizens of the highest moral fiber - are just avoiding degenerate people who might use four letter words such as “fact”.


Unfortunately, there are some sects, however fringe they may be, that believe that Jesus will return when the world’s resources are all used up, and they want to hasten it. These sects also tend to be anti-abortion and anti-gay, so I’ll let you guess how they vote and who panders to them.

Most of the Christians I know that care about the environment vote Democrat, anyway.


The GOP don’t cotton to no fancy book learn’un!


Re-reading my post, I shouldn’t conflate Xtians with being anti- environmentalism or science, although I fully expect the progressive Xtians would be in the minority. Frankly, it’s baffling that someone would find and support verbiage in the bible to restrict and demonize other people, but that whole stewardship of the earth thing goes right out the window.


To be fair, the meetings probably do wrap up a little faster without any scientists present. Our legislators are so busy, after all.


My mother-in-law grew up in Hamburg, came back for a few years in the 90s and now lives here with us after a couple of decades in Kansas. Most of the American side of the family is pretty strongly Republican (those who aren’t have generally moved to another state or country), and she has also picked up a lot of that - including a pretty categorical rejection of global warming. We were planning the garden this year and discussing when to plant different crops, so I asked about the effects of winter weather. Apparently we didn’t have to worry about it too much, as nowadays we don’t have the extreme winters that she had when she was growing up.


Imagine if they held a hearing on black Muslim women in science.


They’re puppets, pure and simple.

I’m waiting for the hearing on people which invites only corporate persons.

I’d say they’re masters of obstruction and are willing to call the clear midday sky orange-and-black plaid just to make sure they can stop a good idea from any other party getting through congress. In fact they’re not good at “getting things done” so much as “making sure things never get done as long as that right-leaning secret muslim Kenyan anti-christ is in office.”

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Oh, that one will be fully attended!

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