Republican congresscritters in clown makeup


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Do you really need to further insult the clowns?
They’ve already been proven to be the creepiest things ever by that Alex Powell guy, give e’m a break.


I hate what the Republicans did. But come on, name-calling? Name-calling is one of the reasons I can’t stand their tactics. Let’s be more civil than them, in my humble opinion.


What did Bobby Jindal have to do with the shutdown? Also not every reader here is a democrat.


I don’t get it. What’s different? They look the same to me.

P.S. I am not a democrat either.

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Sure we can all have different opinions, and philosophical debates about the role and future of government, but if you are really defending Bobby, creationism is cool, Jindal or any of the other clowns then maybe you should not hang out on sites that actually incorporate science and facts in their reporting.

Also, as mentioned in the article, these were done before the shutdown and don’t have anything to do with it other than mocking many, not all, of the same people.


I don’t think that that photo is, yet, still in danger of being less civil than the Republicans.

I would have enjoyed those pictures even if they had included a mix or only democrats. They’re all clowns.

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So let me translate “We have different opinions, but because you don’t share mine you can get out” That’s what you said

They really should have gone with the “scary-clown” theme.

Let me translate it better. “If you support someone who supports teaching creationism in schools, you can’t expect reasonable people to take you seriously. The physical universe we all live in doesn’t care about your opinion.”

(I’m not a Democrat, either, BTW)


No, I said that reasonable opinions and philosophical positions can be debated in a civil manner. Unreasonable opinions are not worth anyone’s time.

Who am I to say what is reasonable or unreasonable? No one, but I do think it is pretty fair to say that most would include evidence, facts and science as a good benchmark. The clowns that you seem to be defending have certain opinions that are categorically false under that benchmark and therefore unreasonable.

In no way am I saying that you hold unreasonable positions, but you have set yourself up as defending people who do.

Thanks, much more diplomatic and better stated.

Also consider that the U.S. Democratic Party is closer politically to a lot of conservative parties in other Western nations, so yeah most of us probably don’t fit that dichotomy.

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Do you expect Cory Doctorow to suspend making his own political judgments to pander to BB’s pro-Republican readership? Would you expect a conservative blogger to avoid this sort of thing for the sake of pandering to that blogger’s pro-Democrat readership?

I just don’t get how “not every reader here is a democrat” is a relevant comment.


This isn’t what they look like when they put on makeup, it’s what they look like when they wash it off.


I am generally rather creeped out at clowns to the point of avoiding them whenever physically possible. These clowns, OTOH, I find amusing. Gave me a nice chuckle, even.

Go figure.

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Glen Beck with swastika eyes? Wow.

I don’t know a great deal about him, apart from his job as a professional asshole. Is he known for his anti-semitism?

All I know is that the part of Glenn Beck’s brain that recognizes Nazi-like traits seems to have been installed backwards. People he has accused of being Nazis include:

  • A mixed-race President
  • A gay Jewish Congressman
  • All those young people in Norway who were massacred by an actual self-professed Neo-Nazi a couple of years back. (Meanwhile he accused the mass-murdering gun-wielding Neo-Nazi of being a “liberal.”)

I almost asked where Ann Coulter was, until I realized she already looks this way.