Why are Republicans happy with a guy who wants to "turn on the hate" and destroy them?


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Bannon really doesn’t need any photoshop to look horrible-- you almost don’t notice the mouth-eyes here.

Anyway, these quotes of his remind me of a line from Ghost World: “You really want to fuck up the system? Go to business school. That’s what I’m going to do. Get a job in some big corporation and, like, fuck things up from the inside.”

Or to quote The Big Lebowski : “Fucking nihilists.”


If they’re going to play ball with Trump, they might as well play ball with Bannon.


Bannon is a carbon copy of Breitbart, and likely will go into the dustbin of history the exact same way via alcoholism/drugs while remaining infamous with a select few low wattage folks.


In my limited experience on social media thus far, Republicans are happy with anything that “makes the tears flow” from non-Republicans. They’re happy to burn the world down and destroy their own house if it trolls Democrats.


But when Winter comes, the snow is falling and we have no roof over our heads, will "I told you so"s keep us warm?


Turning on the hate is what they are all about. If they do not have enough external enemies to distract themselves, they will happily turn on each other.


The answer, as usual about the GOP establishment, is “they’re opportunists and cowards.”

The article doesn’t mention the other charming expressions of Bannon’s anti-Semitism as reported by his ex-wife (which he of course denies):

His ex-wife claimed in a sworn statement in 2007 that Bannon made three separate anti-Semitic remarks when they were choosing a school for their daughters. The ex-wife, who also accused Bannon of attacking her, made the statement during divorce proceedings.

In one instance, according to NBC News, Bannon asked a school director “why there were so many Hanukkah books in the library.” At another school, the ex-wife said, Bannon “asked me if it bothered me that the school used to be in a temple. I said no and asked why he asked … he did not respond.”

At a third school, The Archer School for Girls, Bannon “went on to say the biggest problem he had with Archer is the number of Jews that attend. He said that he doesn’t like Jews and that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiny brats’ and that he didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews.”

Also like Breitbart, he’s someone who constantly bemoans the “Hollywood” conspiracy to corrupt American culture while simultaneously betraying a desperate personal desire to be a player in the film industry and enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle it allows.


The Republicans have gotten on board Trump’s political suicide cult because it’s popular, but they’re hoping they won’t be asked to drink any Kool-Aid.


But oh the damage he can until then.[quote=“gracchus, post:8, topic:89492”]
constantly bemoans the “Hollywood” conspiracy to corrupt American culture while simultaneously betraying a desperate personal desire to wanting to be a player in the film industry and enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle it allows

They really are pissed that they aren’t part of that party, aren’t they?


The propaganda efforts are gonna be off the charts. They are perfect for linking BLM to ISIS. This is very dangerous.

Educate your friends and family as to who, exactly this guy is, and what breitbart represents. Show them some article titles.


Here’s a nice little list:


I was never too happy with Lindsey Graham, but I was kind of impressed with his #nevertrump stance, using his sharp sarcastic wit to skewer the candidate. But now that the candidate has become the President-elect, Lindsey has changed his tune, and his opportunism is laid bare for all to see.


Surely he must know that he’ll be one of the first up against the wall. Has Trump ever been able to let bygones be bygones?


Bannon & Priebus: Which is SA and which is SS? Any bets as to when the “long knives” will come out?


Isn’t his name already on Trump’s list?


Hate goes a long way.


But only ends up in disaster for all.


“Education” can’t combat the Southern Strategy.


Sure? I’m saying it provides more comfort and warmth to some than the idealized Christian concept of mercy.


I think we’re in agreement. Just pointing out that hate can lead down a very dangerous road, especially when employed as a political tool.