House Republicans just voted to defund the agency that fights election hacking


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surely they have an alternative solution in mind, like with health care - right?



This year DOES present a real opportunity for needed reform, but with people like Harper and Chaffetz in the House, it ain’t gonna happen. Or, at best, it might happen in drips and drabs, but it won’t be moved forward by any substantive action taken by the right.



Bunch of fucking Mustache Twirlers, all of them.


I wouldn’t go as far as admired…


Policy changes (e.g. voter ID) will never to be enough for the power-hungry. At some point, you must change the political process itself. As the saying goes, it’s not about who votes, it’s who counts the votes.

Something to remember the next time you throw down with a Trump-supporting friend or relative. This wasn’t a policy vote but rather an effort to undermine the democratic process of this country. Every House critter who voted to defund this commission? Remember their names, because they’re every American’s political enemy.


I guess this means you’ll start seeing 80%+ votes for weak republican candidates in 2018?

The plan is just too transparent, but by blowing up all of the planks of democracy and a liberal society in one go, it makes it very difficult for activists to focus.


You all don’t seem to understand. The objective isn’t to prevent Russians from voting. It’s to prevent Democrats from voting.


Roger That!


Of course they did.


The exact same solution in fact.

‘The invisible hand’


Where are all the commenters who are normally scared to death someone might vote twice imperceptibly affecting the final vote count? I’m sure they want to hear about this.


Too overawed at how trump has the moral fiber to fire friends when it looks like they are unfit for the job.


I was wondering the same thing. @Max_Blancke, any comment?


Well, of course they did - how else are they (or the Russians) going to hack future elections to stay in power if they secure the voting systems?

Yeah, and that seems to make up about half of what the GOP is spending their time doing right now.


Only half?

In all seriousness. !media needs to report this and keep it on a loop. This is basic findimental buolding block shit.

And then they had the fucking nerve to say regulation created further too big to fail scenarios.

Jesus h fucking Christ.


They’re fine with this since they got what they wanted in November.


Well, look - they’re really busy trying to turn women into fetal “hosts,” destroy environmental and banking regulations, destroy public education, gay rights, science and organized labor, get rid of taxes on the wealthy, etc. There are only so many hours in the day in which to be indescribable assholes!