Senate Intel releases report on Russian interference in 2016 election

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“The Committee has seen no evidence that any votes were changed or that any voting machines were manipulated” but, we don’t have a paper trail so there’s no way to be sure.



Voting machine hacks were always unlikely. Much easier to do targeted propaganda using data from social networks and the party’s election committee.


Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly refused to take action to require tighter controls on voting. And governments at all levels are still doing business with companies that make the voting machines but refuse to divulge the identities of their owners because that is supposedly a “trade secret.” What a load of crap. The truth is, neither the Republinazis or the Dumbocraps want better control of electronic voting, because both sides want to be able to use their own hackers to tip things their way. Neither of them really care about Russian interference because both of them know it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what they’ve been up to.


No doubt.

You know, if Putin really wants to stir shit up in 2020, his propaganda arm will do their best to influence the elections so the Democrats win. Can you imagine Trump and the GOP’s level of meltdown if that were to happen? Destabilizing, to say the least.


This makes me so goddamn mad. They haven’t seen any evidence because DHS refused to do forensic analysis on the VR Systems voting machines that malfunctioned right here in my damn county, the bluest county in a red state. DHS refused to analyze those machines despite evidence uncovered by Mueller that VR Systems’ networks were infected with Russian malware. DHS only agreed to investigate AFTER the Mueller Report was released.

From the article below:

“Computers used to check in voters in Durham County malfunctioned on Election Day 2016, telling voters that they had already voted even though they had not, NPR reported.”


All signs point to Russia using the full spectrum of tools available. They may get the most bang for their buck with social media, but there’s no reason not to pull every other lever as well. The FBI finally told the governor of Florida that two counties had likely been compromised in some way by hacking, but asked the governor not to reveal this to those counties. And of course there’s the weirdness we encountered with VR Systems voting machines ref’d in my link above.


Stealing that totally.


so tell me, why wouldn’t Russia or any other power that wanted to ensure the USA remains turning into a nightmare just turn off the power in cities that are democratic strongholds?

sure some people would still go in and use paper ballots but a great deal would just stay home/safe in the dark etc.

why are any of these systems even connected to the internet?

remember we still don’t know what happened in those cities in Florida, the people who know claim they signed an NDA and won’t talk, which seems impossible with a government entity?

remember trump only needs 80,000 votes in strategic locations to win electoral college

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Because they can brainwash voters and hack voting machines or voter rolls instead. Why waste hacking the power grid in each of these cities when they can just make a virus or worm to infect the voting machines in blue counties that are in red states or swing states.


But the main Russian goal is to disrupt small-l liberal Humian government in the West, and that doesn’t mean putting into power the side that will work to repair it.

Unless they knew that Trump would start a revolution. And that isn’t remotely likely. It would mean Trump has to do a lot more work, and it would also mean he couldn’t play golf any more.

Rachel Maddow’s first story tonight (7/25/19):

Trump held a youth rally either last night or today. He spoke for a hour in front of the seal pictured below:



Nothing was said about it at the rally. Trump and the audience took no apparent notice of this spurious seal.

Note that the eagle that is central to the design is two-headed. That is the emblem of the Russian Federation, as shown below:

Also, the central shield covering the chest of the eagle, with the vertical red lines topped with a blue field. The little icons in that bit of blue field are hammer and sickle symbols.

The text on the ribbon above the eagle says “45 es un titere,” which is Spanish for “45 is a puppet.” The real seal of Potus says “e Pluribus Unum.”

Also, in the talons of the eagles left foot are not thirteen arrows representing the thirteen colonies, but a set of golf clubs.

Turns out this fake seal was invented by the owner of the website, and somebody took it as the real thing and projected it behind him during his speech, for an hour, right next to the real Seal of Potus. Mistake? Intentional? You tell me.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this. It’s something straight out of a movie.



Also, the right foot of the eagle holds not an olive branch, but a bunch of dollars.


Thanks. Didn’t see that.

Hasn’t it always?

Ah, the great Murkan eagle.

Choke on your blue white and scarlet hypocrisy
Pitying the blindness that you’ve never seen
That the eagles of war whose wings lent you glory
They were never no more than carrion crows

Ben Franklin wanted the useful turkey as the national bird. Do we have any good Presidential Seals featuring turkeys, armed or not?

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